We assure our customers a fast processing time by our professional and qualified loan specialists. We work closely with you in choosing the proper financing package suitable to your individual needs and circumstances we want to make borrowing, quick and easy on your budget.

Loan Facilities
Purchase a brand new vehicle of your choice at affordable terms and payment options with fast approval time.
  • Minimum down payment: 20% of the price of the vehicle
  • Flexible terms from 1 year up to maximum of 5 years
  • Fast approval time
  • Low interest rates
  • Flexible and convenient payment terms
Purchase a brand new truck/heavy equipment of your choice at affordable terms and payment options with fast approval time.
  • Minimum down payment: 30% of the price of the vehicle
  • Flexible terms from 1 year up to maximum of 3 years
  • Fast approval time
  • Low interest rates
  • Flexible and convenient payment terms
  • Acquisition of real estate property for residential purposes, i.e., purchase of lot or house and lot or for house construction, expansion or improvement
  • Refinancing of similar loans and mortgages – REM take out from other banks or financing companies
Term of Loan
Purpose Maximum Term of Loan
Purchase of Lot Max of 15 years
House Construction Max of 15 years
Purchase of house and lot Max of 15 years
Loan take-out Max of 15 years
Loanable Amount

Minimum of Php500,000.00

80% of the contract price (from accredited developer)
70% of the appraised value (direct loan applicant)

Accredited Developers

To date, the Bank has accredited the following developers for its End-User Financing Program:

  • Citystate Properties and Management Corporation
  • Sta. Lucia Realty & Development, Inc.
  • Sta. Lucia Land Inc.
  • V.V. Soliven Group of Companies
  • New San Jose Builders, Inc.
  • My Citihomes
  • RCD Land, Inc.
  • Calmarland
  • Carlstel Corporation
  • El Reyno Homes, Inc.
  • East Point
  • Int'l Silverwings & Investment Inc.
  • Silverstar Homebuilders Inc.
  • Winning Homes Realty & Development Corp.
  • R.H Digos Designworks & Const.
  • Endura Land Develompent Corp.
  • R.J. Lhinet Development Corp.
  • Homestar Properties & Development Inc.
  • 1988 Development Corp.
  • La Mar Realty & Development Inc.
  • Phoenix Land Corp.
  • Community Creators, Inc. (Formerly Landworks Asia Inc.)
Businesses need the opportunity to grow and Citystate Savings Bank offers loan packages suitable to your every need. Whether you need additional working capital or have seasonal cash requirements, our business loans provide the kind of payment terms and flexibility you are looking for.
  • Flexible terms depending on your requirements
  • High appraisal value of collaterals
  • Fast processing time
  • Low interest rates
  • Flexible and convenient payment terms
  • Automatic debit options
  • Must be secured by acceptable collateral (Real Estate Property/ies)
  • Check Documentary and Collateral Requirements
    • Extended to corporate, small, or medium enterprises for working capital or other business requirements.
    • Loan terms vary depending on the borrower’s financial requirements – Credit Lines (short term) or Term Loans (medium term loans).
    Get a loan using your precious gold jewelries and diamonds as collateral. Exchange your diamonds and gold jewelry for CASH
    • Low interest rate at 2% per month, no penalty charges within a 120-day-contract
    • Short term contract or you can choose a flexible term up to 12 months
    • Fast processing - ready cash in minutes upon appraisal of our expert Jewelry appraisers
    • Ready cash in minutes upon inspection of our trained jewelry appraisers
    • No guarantor needed
    • High appraisal of your jewelry
    • Transactions are private and confidential
    • Your jewelry is protected by our bank’s security system
    • Process renewal via auto debit arrangement
    • Facilitate take-out loan
    • Conduct onsite appraisal (by Appointment)
    • 1 valid ID
    • Proof of income or other source of income documents
    Available to companies with payroll accounts with the Bank. Loan amortizations shall be via salary deductions.
    Loanable Amount

    Maximum of 3x Gross Monthly Salary

    Term of Loan
    Minimum term: 12 months
    Maximum term: 36 months
    This is a multipurpose short term loan granted to borrowers with existing deposits/placements with Citystate Savings Bank. The deposit is used as collateral to secure the loan requested.
    • Any Depositor of the Bank who is willing to offer his/her deposits/placements as collateral for the loan applied for Amount of loan shall have a maximum loanable value of 85% of the deposit used as collateral.
    APDS Loan
    • Lowest rate of 7.25% P.A.
    • No co-maker required
    • We offer 1-5 year loan term
    • duly accomplished application form
    • Latest one(1) month payslip
    • One valid government-issued ID
    • Permanent appointment (for new loan)
    • GSIS statement of account
    • Latest statement of account (SOA) in case of take-outs loans
    Immediate credit of checks for local or regional clearing deposited to the borrower’s account with the bank. The proceeds become readily available without having to wait for the prescribed normal clearing period for local or regional clearing.
    • Instant credit of checks to the depositors account.

    The State protects its citizen from a lack of awareness of the true cost of credit to the customer by assuring a full disclosure of such cost and other terms and conditions with a view of preventing the uninformed use of credit.

    As such, a disclosure statement is a required attachment to the loan contract. It shall include, at a minimum, the following information:

    1. Credit Transaction Amount
    2. Other Bank Charges/Deductions Collected
    3. Net Proceeds of Credit Transaction
    4. Schedule of Payments
    5. Effective Interest Rate (Interest and Other Charges)
    6. Conditional Charges that may be Imposed
    Format of Disclosure Statement on Small Business/Retail/Consumer Credit – Scanned format